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Most Companies Are Shocked When I Show Them How Much Microsoft Word Is Costing Them...

(And They're Utterly Gobsmacked When I Claw Every Single Cent Back)

(...and I can do the same for you.)

Hi, I'm Russ Crowley

I help businesses master Microsoft Word and achieve exceptional results.

When business owners contact me to help with their Word templates and documentation, I see the same overall problems, time and time again.

A common theme almost.

From my fixing perspective...

The fundamentals are the same, but the underlying problems are actually two-fold:

  • Microsoft
  • the author, i.e. you

Now before you get the pitch forks out and start to boil the tar and pluck the chicken for its feathers...

99% of the Problem Is Down To Microsoft

And you - the 1% - are the ones who suffer.

Without going into too much detail, with Word, Microsoft have led you down the garden path.

  • Their interface is confusing (I could talk for hours on how bad it is)
  • Its daunting
  • It 'implies' you need to use certain functions (but not in the way you think)
  • You're doomed to failure. If not today, then soon. Very soon.

In comparison, you can start Excel or PowerPoint and away you go - they're very forgiving.

You try it with Word (I bet you have), and you're doomed without even knowing it.

You format with Bold, Italic, underline, and all the rest of them - they're there in front of you.

They're there to be used.

They work in Excel and PowerPoint, and they work in Word too...

Yes and no.

In anything but the simplest of documents, it will break at some point.

Unfortunately, you think you're doing it right.

You're not.

But you have no idea why.

That's not your fault either.

Microsoft's Failure Is Costing You

I have 22-years of working with organizations like yours and see it all the time. (Almost without exception.)

You know it too.

The Question Is, How Much?

I know for a fact that most can't quantify it.

After all, it's just Word, right?

The usual response is:

"Errr, we're not sure."

Let's take a quick look, shall we?

My simple calculator only needs 3 things from you (nothing secretive or confidential required, No research - not even an email address - it's for your information only).

It's just a bit of fun.

Maybe it's an eye-opener for you. Maybe not.

Click on the button below to find out:

p.s. if you're still unsure of my credentials, scroll down for more client testimonials.


“Russ has been a pleasure to work with, he is extremely knowledgeable and has taught me a lot during our time working together. His communication is excellent, I really appreciated the walk though videos – it made a complex job very easy to understand and digest at my own paceThank you so much for all your amazing work, you have made a lot peoples lives a lot easier! hope to work with you again soon.”

Hannah Morris, Head of Digital Design and Development, UK, Impact International

Makes me reconsider what 5 stars means for everyone else I’ve worked with. Russ recorded videos explaining everything he was doing to help our documents and how we could do it ourselves going forward. Teach a man to fish… Couldn’t recommend Russ more highly.

Colby Howard, Partner, COO, Paragon Intel

Russ is incredible!!!!!! A true professional & expert who went above and beyond for us. Thank you Russ!!

Matt Mottola, Programme Manager, Microsoft

“We engaged Russ to turn a graphically designed Report Template into a functional and flawless Microsoft Word Report Template. From the beginning of our engagement, Russ was professional, responsive and demonstrated his knowledge of Microsoft Word by asking questions to fully understand our requirements and what 100% satisfaction would look like. I am happy to report that we are 100% satisfied and will without a doubt be looking at employing Russ’ services in the future.”

Paula Drayton, Founder, Resource Advisory

Russ is a consummate professional and has assisted me in completing an Occupational Health and Safety system that was not only accepted by the regulators, but recommended to other companies by the regulator as an example of good practice. It doesn’t get better than that!

Nick Miller, Owner, Blue Water Shell

“I have to agree with one of the testimonials on his profile that says, “Makes me reconsider what 5 stars means for everyone else I’ve worked with.”

I’ve worked with many consultants in my career (both on Upwork and in real life.) I’ve found that good consultants provide you with the requested deliverable on time and on budget while keeping you informed on progress. Great consultants on the other hand also do this, but teach you something in the process.

I actually learned something from Russ in his initial proposal, before I even awarded him the contract. He showed me some problems in the document I provided for quote purposes, that I was not even aware of, which would have plagued me down the road.

This also answered some long-standing questions I’ve had about Word in mind that I could never quite find the answer to. Working with Russ answers once and for all, “what’s the difference between working with a professional/specialist vs an amateur/generalist?”

As a result of working with him, I have a new way of working with Word. I also now have an asset – a properly structured, beautiful, REUSABLE Word template – in addition to my initial request. And if that’s not enough, he provided videos explaining his work and findings that I can refer back to as needed. By using Russ for this project, I feel as if I’ve made an investment in my project rather than simply conduct a business transaction. I cannot recommend this man highly enough.”

Steve Pinkcney, Owner, Conceptia

Russ was great to work with. He took the task that was handed to him and make certain that he understood what was being asked. When his questions seemed somewhat confusing, he made a short video to explain the issue that he was having and explaining in detail what his question was. This level of detail on his part made it easier to help him understand the task.

Russ is extremely knowledgeable and his skill in Word is at a very high level. He completed the task that we requested within a timely fashion and in line with what we asked. We look forward to opportunities to possibly work with him again in the future.

Michaele Watts, Document and Process ManagerMicrosoft

“Russ was a perfect resource for developing a fairly technical and complicated application training guide. The customer for whom we were doing the work changed emphasis mid-project, but the work Russ did is exemplary and we will be able to leverage both the content and the layout to great advantage going forward.

Being in vastly different time zones was not a problem for us, and he always provided the expected work in a reasonable time. He asked questions when needed and provided frequent updates to make sure neither of us were going in the wrong direction. He is a very high-caliber resource whom we hope to work with again.”

Dan Opyd, Founder, Datanet

“Russ was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and professional, he’s experienced enough to understand just what our needs were. He went above and beyond by producing instructional videos for my staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Russ…”

Todd Mobley, Principal, Lancaster Engineering

“Russ is able to combine his technical expertise with a knack for writing and communication to develop effective and engaging teaching content. Great to work with!”

Roxanne Kenison, Project Manager, Microsoft

“Russ was perfect for the task (and perfect for most tasks, I’d imagine). He is creative, takes the initiative, writes with the right voice, illustrates appropriately, delivers what and when he promises, and even lets you know when he’s not going to be available. I’ll re-hire him once we get our next deliverable together, but in the meantime, if you need someone with Russ’ skills, we can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Alex Apostolou, Founder, Meerkat

Five stars isn’t enough.

I wish all my staff and contractors were as professional and good at what they do as Russ is.

Russ helped us develop great looking, versatile, stable, but very complicated macro driven word template. The quality of his work, time management, efficiency and communication are outstanding. We have learned so much we didn’t know through working with him.

He also adds value by providing short videos explaining what he has done, so we can now easily do ourselves things that seemed too complicated to even consider.”

Henry Adams, Director & Co-founder, Common Capital

Russ was extremely proactive. His attention to detail was stellar. His communication was immediate and clear. Would highly recommend!

Matt Mottola, Programme Manager, Microsoft

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